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Adam Industrial’s customers can expect to be treated with the highest regard, with courteous and professional behavior, honesty, and a sincere concern for their needs.

Our Story

Our Story

Founded by Milton Weiner in 1975, Adam Industrial Maintenance and Supply Company, Inc. was created to offer cleaning products and supplies to businesses located within the southern New Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia region.

Continuing their tradition as a family owned and operated business, Milton’s sons, Rick and Adam Weiner, have worked to continually diversify their offerings. As a result, Adam Industrial is prepared to not only assist you with all your cleaning supply needs, but also with your restorative and maintenance cleaning requirements for buildings, large and small.

Furthermore, Adam Industrial sells and services cleaning equipment such as automated floor cleaning machines, pressure and steam cleaners, vacuums and more.

A Message From The Owners to Those with

Cleaning Concerns…

It’s our pleasure to help!
We realize that the web is loaded with information from a multitude of cleaning and restoration companies. So, on behalf of our entire company, we’d like to say “thanks” for your time and interest in Adam Industrial.
If you are responsible for managing a facility of any size, you no doubt have experienced a variety of cleaning and maintenance issues. Tired looking floors, roof leaks and bad odors are just some of the many challenges you have to deal with – all of them pressing.
We know that regardless of the problem and its cause, nothing can interfere with the cleanliness of your building. It is key to the kind of image you want to project. For that reason, we hope that you’ll consider us a resource for all your cleaning and restoration needs. With 35 years of experience serving companies just like yours, we are experts in dealing with a whole host of issues, finding solutions in a timely and effective way.
Adam Industrial commits to serving you well – responding to your inquiries quickly and taking ownership of your concerns. Even when we have to dig to find the right answer, we will persist until a solution is found. We commit our personnel, our resources and our expertise.
Our aim is that every new customer becomes a life-long customer. To make this happen, Adam Industrial believes in working as your partner, forging an effective collaboration that truly gets the job done right.  We hope to have the opportunity to serve you too.
Our best,
Rick and Adam Weiner

We service:


• Apartment complexes and rental properties
• Automotive dealerships
• Construction sites
• Office buildings
• Medical buildings
• Parking garages
• Places of worship
• Retail stores
• Grocery & Supermarkets

• Residential properties (specialized services)
• Restaurant/Foodservice facilities
• Schools and other public buildings
• Sports/recreational buildings
• Warehousing and manufacturing facilities

    Our Commercial Services Include:

    Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning Service
    Restore and prolong the life of carpet
    Help remove and defend against stains
    Improve air quality and susceptibility to respiratory ailments.

    Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

    Commercial Kitchen Cleaning ServiceRestaurants, bakeries, cafeterias, caterers, nursing homes, hospitals, healthcare facilities, hotels, health clubs, supermarkets, schools and colleges.

    Construction Site Cleaning

    Construction Site Cleaning ServiceHigh elevation dusting, Window and blind cleaning, Lavatories, Kitchens Pressure washing, Carpet vacuuming and /or hot water extraction.

    Odor Control & Deodorization

    Odor Control & Deodorization woman holding her nose because of a bad smell.
    Thermal foggers, wet fog, ozone, and chemical counteractants. Deodorization is often the by-product of a variety of cleaning methods including at times, carpet cleaning. The result is lasting, and we work until the problem is solved.

    Hard Surface Floor Care

    Hard Surface Floor Care ServiceWe thoroughly clean, restore and maintain floors for overall appearance. We pay close attention to hard-to-reach areas such as corners and edges and use protective sealers as recommended by flooring manufacturers.

    Industrial Floor Coatings

    Industrial Floor Coatings ServiceWhether it's to brighten up a workplace, repair dangerous cracks, fill holes, resist water, or seal a surface from bacteria, industrial floor coatings represent state-of-the-art flooring for industry, retail, office and residential.

    Janitorial & Housekeeping

    Janitorial & Housekeeping ServiceIntensive lavatory scrubbing and disinfection, Kitchen cleaning and sanitizing, Carpet vacuuming, Low dusting and touch point disinfection, Consumables (discard and replace paper products) Hard surface floor sweeping and mopping or auto scrubbing.

    Pressure Washing

    Pressure Washing ServiceRemove embedded oils from sidewalks and loading docks for pedestrian safety, Remove paint and graffiti, Remove chewing gum build-up from sidewalks, Remove mortar and other materials from exteriors on post-construction jobs, Clean stucco exteriors with our effective low-intensity pressure washing.

    Steam Cleaning & Sanitizing

    Steam Cleaning & SanitizingSteam cleaning minimizes if not eliminates the necessity of conventional toxic cleaning agents - a truly "green cleaning method". Steam cleaning is beneficial in those buildings where occupants may be highly sensitive to chemical odors, allergies or who have a compromised immune system.

    Supermarket & Retail Center

    Supermarket & Retail Center Cleaning ServicesAdam Industrial Maintenance is highly experienced in the restoration and maintenance of supermarkets and retail centers throughout the greater Delaware Valley. We have worked cooperatively with health and safety managers and store personnel, partnering with them to help achieve and preserve levels of cleanliness that meets or exceeds standards set by governmental inspectors.

    Warehouse & Large Scale

    Warehouse & Large Scale Clean Up
    In modern large-scale businesses, cleanliness goes far beyond the office, the lavatories, the kitchens - it extends right into the company warehouse. A dirty warehouse not only effects those inside the warehouse but can also adversely affect the air quality of those working in adjacent offices. Today, a clean warehouse is a necessary part of good business practice.

    Upholstery Cleaning

    Upholstery Cleaning Adam Industrial's hot water extraction system breaks down and then removes dirt and grime, grease, stains and bacteria without damage to furniture or furniture fabric. Effective on a wide range of fabric types, our hot water system can also be used to clean cubicles and partitions. Regular cleaning of upholstery is recommended to prolong the life and condition of your furniture.

    The A.D.A.M. System

    Our Complete Approach to Building Maintenance

    We have built a solid reputation based upon the trust of countless facility owners and managers throughout our region. This is due in large part to our highly effective system of project estimation, execution and ongoing customer communication. The A.D.A.M. System is described in greater detail by clicking anywhere here.



    Thoroughly evaluate the facility for needed cleaning services.



    Prepare a comprehensive plan of action with a detailed scope, timeline and budget.



    Perform the protocol in a precise manner and timeframe promised and within budget.



    Provide ongoing support to preserve the cleanliness of the facility and maintain the relationship with our client.

    Full Service Commercial Cleaning

    Trusted & Experienced

    With more than 35 years in business, a trained and supervised staff and state of the art equipment, we will effectively satisfy your Specialized and Emergency cleaning need in buildings large and small.  We comply with all industry standards and CDC guidelines.

    Do It All

    We provide many of our professional cleaning services to residential properties, as well as the sale of professional (commercial) cleaning equipment, chemicals and supplies.

    Reliable & Fully Insured

    Adam Industrial Maintenance is dedicated to the restorative and building maintenance cleaning requirements for today's commercial, industrial and institutional facilities located in the Greater Delaware Valley and beyond.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We service a wide range of industry types including construction, retail, manufacturing and places of worship, just to name a few. Your satisfaction is our number one priority!


    Contact us for a free estimate.

    We stand by our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction.