Professional Carpet Cleaning

Adam Industrial provides expert carpet cleaning & stain removal for commercial clients and specific, larger residential jobs, using what we know to be the most effective process for top to bottom carpet cleaning, hot water extraction.

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We are retained by those homeowners and investors that are seeking a highly intensive level of care not typically provided by traditional housekeeping or maid services. We offer a wide array of services throughout the Greater Delaware Valley region. Free estimates are provided by request.

Carpet Cleaning Overview

Over time, ground-in dirt particles from foot traffic soil, grease, food, stains, even the residue left by previous bad carpet cleaning jobs, work to destroy carpet fibers. In addition to making the carpet looking shoddy and stained, it can shorten the “useful life” of the carpet, requiring premature replacement or removal.

Not only is the carpet cleaning process important for maintaining carpet condition and appearance, but it is also essential for maintaining clean and pure indoor air quality. After a water or fire emergency, cleaning carpets is also required to purge the carpet of left-over contaminants. In all cases, cleaning carpets on a regular basis is suggested as a good investment for health and bottom line.

Our professional carpet cleaners provide expert carpet cleaning & stain removal for commercial clients and specific, larger residential jobs, using what we know to be the most effective process for top to bottom carpet cleaning – hot water extraction.

Recommended by all the major carpet manufacturers

Superheated water and powerful vacuum suction clean process removes dirt, contaminants, stains, and odor-causing agents at the source without compromising the structural integrity of the carpet itself.

Adam Industrial removes tough carpet stains and thoroughly cleans even the largest carpet areas without saturating or leaving harmful detergent residue. Drying time generally ranges from 4 to 6 hours. Portable units let us clean in hard to reach areas. Protectants can be applied to carpets afterward to resist future staining.

We suggest regularly scheduled carpet cleaning to:

  1. Restore and prolong the life of carpets.
  2. Help remove and defend against carpet stains.
  3. Improve air quality and susceptibility to respiratory ailments.
  4. Remove Microsporum, the genus of fungi that causes tinea capitis, tinea corporis, ringworm, and other dermatophytoses (fungal infections of the skin). PubMed – NCBI

We service:


• Apartment complexes and rental properties
• Automotive dealerships
• Construction sites
• Office buildings
• Medical buildings
• Parking garages
• Places of worship
• Retail stores

• Residential properties (specialized services)
• Restaurant/Foodservice facilities
• Schools and other public buildings
• Sports/recreational buildings
• Supermarkets
• Warehousing and manufacturing facilities

    The A.D.A.M. System

    Our Complete Approach to Building Maintenance

    We have built a solid reputation based upon the trust of countless facility owners and managers throughout our region. This is due in large part to our highly effective system of project estimation, execution and ongoing customer communication. The A.D.A.M. System is described in greater detail by clicking anywhere here.



    Thoroughly evaluate the facility for needed cleaning services.



    Prepare a comprehensive plan of action with a detailed scope, timeline and budget.



    Perform the protocol in a precise manner and timeframe promised and within budget.



    Provide ongoing support to preserve the cleanliness of the facility and maintain the relationship with our client.

    Full Service Commercial Cleaning

    Trusted & Experienced

    With more than 35 years in business, a trained and supervised staff and state of the art equipment, we will effectively satisfy your Specialized and Emergency cleaning need in buildings large and small.  We comply with all industry standards and CDC guidelines.

    Do It All

    We provide many of our professional cleaning services to residential properties, as well as the sale of professional (commercial) cleaning equipment, chemicals and supplies.

    Reliable & Fully Insured

    Adam Industrial Maintenance is dedicated to the restorative and building maintenance cleaning requirements for today's commercial, industrial and institutional facilities located in the Greater Delaware Valley and beyond.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We service a wide range of industry types including construction, retail, manufacturing and places of worship, just to name a few. Your satisfaction is our number one priority!


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